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Gold Mining USA Inc. (OTC Symbol - GMUI) is an emerging OTC Company that is focused on the acquisition of metallurgical and mining projects as well as multi-level forms of business not connected to the . GMUI's business model is to acquire properties that present the potential to prove up significant resources through exploratory drilling and generate value through exploration, development, joint venture or divestment. GMUI has a goal to maximize shareholders benefits and has identified a profitable way of doing so through the senior living industry. Management of GMUI works daily in assessing and exploring opportunities that bring value to the shareholders as well as the company. Therefore projects that company set out to acquire are not limited to the mineral resource sector.

More About Our Mines

Investment Criteria

GMUI employs strict investment criteria for project acquisitions and focuses on available tenements in proximity to operating mines, or in areas with proven or potential in-ground resources in regions suitable for short-term development.

The Company’s longer term strategy is to acquire resource investment opportunities that leverage our proven business model.

GMUI shares trade with one of the lowest amounts of outstanding stock for a U.S. publicly traded precious metals exploration and mining company.

GMUI selects projects based upon historical drilling or sampling results combined with robust geological mining concepts and financial models. We then exploit the hidden potential by exploration and analysis and bring our projects up to JORC/43-101 compliance.

GMUI provides an exciting potential short term trade and long term investment opportunity for investors.

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